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Alert: Corrected Effective Date of Updated Quarantine Measures Is Tomorrow, April 11, Peru (April 10, 2020)
April 10, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Event:  Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra clarified today that the updated quarantine measures initially slated for April 13 will take effect tomorrow, Saturday, April 11.  Per the new measures, quarantine movement restrictions will no longer include a gender-based rotation.  The updated quarantine guidance stipulates that from Monday to Saturday only one person per family (regardless of gender) will be able to leave for limited routine business such as grocery shopping, pharmacy visits and banking.  On Sundays all businesses will be closed and there will be a complete restriction on movements, except for medical emergencies.

Also effective tomorrow, Saturday, April 11, there are updated curfew hours from 6 pm to 4 am for most of Peru, except the Lambayeque, La Libertad, Loreto, Piura, and Tumbes regions, with curfew hours in those areas beginning at 4 pm and ending at 4 am.

We encourage everyone to comply with the Peruvian Government’s quarantine measures and to follow the instructions of Peruvian authorities.  Limit your time outside and carry your identification and phone.  Wear a facemask while out in public.

For everyone who has registered for repatriation, but not been contacted yet for a flight, you are not forgotten.  We hope additional flight options will be available beginning next week.  Please make sure you have registered each individual potential passenger in your party using our Repatriation Flight Registration Form.  DO NOT register multiple times.  Please provide complete contact information in the form.

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