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Alert: Expansion of Economic Activities
Additional Repatriation Flight, and Airbase Restrictions and Limitations, Peru (June 22, 2020)
June 22, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Event: Beginning today, June 22, shopping centers and department stores are permitted to resume operations throughout most of the country.  However, due to public health concerns, large commercial centers will remain closed in the regions of Arequipa, Huánuco, Ica, La Libertad, and San Martín, as well as in the Casma, Huaraz, and Santa provinces of Áncash.  Barbershops, hair salons, and beauty treatment businesses may now operate, though by appointment only.  Businesses cannot exceed 50% capacity, and customers are required to wear facemasks and maintain social distancing.  For more information (in Spanish) on the expansion of economic activities, refer to the latest supreme decree found here: https://busquedas.elperuano.pe/normaslegales/decreto-supremo-que-dispone-la-ampliacion-de-actividades-eco-decreto-supremo-n-110-2020-pcm-1868279-1.

AC Tours:  Private tour operator AC Tours is organizing a charter flight from Lima to Miami (MIA) on Tuesday, June 30.  The flight is intended for U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs).  Interested travelers should complete this form: https://actours.typeform.com/to/s7XhK4q7.  This is not a U.S. Embassy flight.  For more information, contact AC Tours directly by calling +51 (1) 415-2040, emailing reservas@actours.com.pe, or visiting the AC Tours website: http://www.actoursperu.com.

Grupo 8 Airbase Restrictions and Limitations:  Travelers are reminded that all repatriation flights depart from the Grupo 8 Peruvian Air Force Base in Callao.  This is not a conventional airport and, as a result, has restrictions and limitations.  Please keep the following in mind as you are making travel arrangements, and plan accordingly:

  • Check-in, security screenings, and waiting areas are located outdoors.  Passengers should bring a jacket, ​comfortable shoes, as well as any other items to ensure you are comfortable while waiting to board the repatriation flight.  Seating in waiting areas is ​in plastic chairs and limited.
  • The Grupo 8 Airbase is a controlled-access facility and movement is restricted.  Passengers are not allowed to move outside the designated areas while waiting to board their flight.
  • Bring ​your own food and water.  Food facilities are not available at the Grupo 8 Airbase, and repatriation flights may have limited food options.
  • Bathrooms are limited. ​ Bring your own sanitizer and wipes. ​
  • All passengers are required to carry their own carry-on luggage onto the plane.
  • Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) service is not available at the Airbase or on the flights.
  • No smoking is allowed.
  • All passengers board planes via stairs from the tarmac.  Jet bridge services are not available, and accessibility is limited.
  • Check with your travel provider to arrange appropriate accessibility measures prior to arriving at Grupo 8.  Wheelchair availability is limited. ​Airline staff can assist in very limited circumstances.  If you need additional assistance, you may need to travel with a companion who can assist.
  • Be prepared to wait​ for extended periods of time.  The check-in and boarding process at the Grupo 8 Airbase is unlike the commercial airport process.  Expect to wait several hours prior to boarding your plane.
  • Facemasks are required while waiting, boarding, and traveling on the airplane per Peruvian and U.S. government regulations.

The U.S. Embassy is working diligently to confirm additional repatriation flight options.  We will share new and pertinent information as soon as it becomes available.  We continue to announce viable scheduled flights through travel partners in email alerts.  The U.S. Embassy urges all U.S. citizens who wish to depart Peru to contact one of our travel partners directly to purchase a ticket on a repatriation flight.  DO NOT WAIT TO BE CONTACTED BY THE U.S. EMBASSY.  The Jorge Chávez International Airport remains closed for the near future.  If you remain in Peru, please follow Peruvian government quarantine restrictions.

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