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Alert: Ground and Air Transport in Arequipa, Ica, Lima, and Tacna, Peru (April 5, 2020)
April 5, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Event: To date, the U.S. Embassy has repatriated approximately 5,150 Americans. Two flights will depart today from Lima with additional passengers from Cajamarca, Chimbote, Iquitos, and Lima.

Buses from Arequipa and Tacna will travel to Lima today, and from the Ica region to Lima tomorrow to board flights to the United States. We are aware of hundreds of U.S. Citizens who remain in Lima and other regions of Peru. We have not forgotten you, and we are exploring every option to get you home to the United States. We continue to place special emphasis on the repatriation of elderly and medically vulnerable travelers.

Confirmed passengers receive a repatriation flight confirmation email with a linked transit letter. Travelers should print and use this letter to get to their designated meeting point for the flight. If you cannot print this letter, please have it available on your phone or other electronic device. While we make every effort to get you information in advance, be aware of changing restrictions by the Peruvian government due to COVID-19 quarantine measures, and be prepared to travel on short notice. It is your responsibility to get to the meeting location on time.

Today, Sunday, April 5, all routine businesses are closed and transportation options may be limited. A limited taxi service is running in some cities in Peru. We encourage everyone to comply with the Peruvian Government’s measures and to follow the instructions of Peruvian authorities. For more information on Peru’s national quarantine, check out the embassy’s COVID-19 page.

We are working hard to bring #AmericansHome.

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