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Alert: Last Chance to Submit U.S. Ballots, Repatriation Flights Discontinued, and Status of Consular Services,
October 30, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Last chance to submit ballots: The U.S. general election is this coming Tuesday, November 3.  We can collect and postmark your ballot return and FWAB postage-paid return envelope at the U.S. Embassy in Lima on Monday and Tuesday morning between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Remember that U.S. embassies and consulates are not polling places. Same-day in-person voting is not available outside the United States on election day.

Many states allow you to return your ballot by email or fax.  Check your state’s deadlines and rules at https://www.fvap.gov/. If your state accepts ballots by fax, consider the FVAP fax service for overseas voters.  You can email your ballot to fax@fvap.gov, and FVAP will fax your ballot to your local election board for you.  You must complete this cover sheet and include it with your email: https://www.fvap.gov/uploads/FVAP/Forms/coversheet.pdf. #Vote2020

Repatriation flights discontinued:  The last scheduled repatriation flight from Peru to the United States departed Jorge Chávez International Airport on Monday, October 26.  At this time, no additional repatriation flights are scheduled. Commercial flights to airports connecting to U.S. destinations have already resumed, and we have confirmed that direct flights to several U.S. destinations will resume in November. Please send all future correspondence to LimaACS@state.gov.  Note that PeruRepatriations@state.gov inbox is no longer operational.

Consular services:  Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Embassy has implemented safety precautions to protect our staff and the public.  Consular operations remain focused on emergency services only.  All routine, non-emergency appointments are canceled until further notice, including passports, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, notarial services, and immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

Emergency passports:  U.S. citizens in need of an emergency passport to return to the United States may schedule an appointment at the U.S. Embassy.  In order to schedule an emergency appointment, please email LimaACS@state.gov at least two weeks prior to your planned flight date.  Appointments are reserved only for U.S. citizens traveling on an international commercial flight with the United States as the final destination.  Emergency passports are limited to no more than 12 months validity but may be replaced for full-validity passports at no additional cost once routine services resume at U.S. Embassy Lima or at a domestic passport center in the United States.

Frequency of future alerts: Beginning in November, future alerts will be issued on an as-needed basis instead of on a regular basis. Up-to-date information can always be found on our website: https://pe.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/.

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