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Alert: National Health Services Decree, Medications, and Future Flights, Peru (April 22, 2020)
April 22, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Event:  On April 20, Health Minister Víctor Zamora announced the executive approval of a legislative decree that gives the Ministry of Health greater control in directing COVID-19 patients to both public and private hospitals. Please be aware that this decree is likely to limit your ability to choose where you receive medical treatment in Peru should you require treatment of any kind.

Medications:  If you are running low on your medications, Peru’s Ministry of Health maintains a web portal (http://observatorio.digemid.minsa.gob.pe/medicamentosesenciales/Default.aspx) that allows users to search for prescription medication by name and verify the pharmacies in Peru that carry the medication.  You can initiate a search by brand name or active ingredient.  The U.S. Embassy recommends calling in advance to confirm pharmacy hours and that the medication is in stock before going to the pharmacy. 

Future Flights:  The U.S. Embassy is proactively coordinating with the Peruvian government and multiple airlines to identify all viable options for U.S. citizens to return to the United States during Peru’s state of emergency.  We will continue to send a regular daily update and share pertinent information as it becomes available. 

We encourage all U.S. citizens remaining in Peru to comply with the Peruvian government’s quarantine measures and to follow the instructions of Peruvian authorities. Limit your time outside and carry your identification and phone. Government of Peru rules require a facemask when present in public.

Our team continues to explore all viable options to bring  #AmericansHome.

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