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Alert: Ongoing Repatriation Efforts, Peru (April 4, 2020)
April 4, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Event: To date, the U.S. Embassy has repatriated approximately 4,680 U.S. Citizens. Two flights are departing today from Lima. The flights will repatriate Americans from different parts of Peru, including U.S. Citizens arriving in Lima this morning from Chiclayo, Piura and Tumbes via U.S. Embassy-organized transportation.

We are aware of U.S. Citizens who remain in Lima, Iquitos, Arequipa and other parts of Peru. We have not forgotten you, and we are exploring many options. We will continue to facilitate flights.

Confirmed passengers will receive a repatriation flight confirmation e-mail with a copy of a transit letter. Travelers should print and use this letter to get to their designated meeting point for the flight. In addition, due to COVID-19 concerns, all passengers will be required to sign an assumption-of-risk waiver prior to boarding.

Per the Peruvian Government’s COVID-19 state of emergency regulation, the U.S. Embassy in Peru is reduced to emergency services only. Any non-emergency appointments are canceled indefinitely, including visas, passports, consular reports of birth abroad, notarial appointments, and general services related to American Citizen Services. Please continue to check our website for when appointments will open. We continue to address U.S. Citizen emergencies, including repatriation requests, via email (LimaACS@state.gov) or phone (618-2000). Although telephone hold times may be long due to the volume of calls, please stay on the line so that we assist you.

We are working hard to bring #AmericansHome.

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