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Alert: Repatriation Flight Updates (April 30, 2020)
April 30, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Event:  LATAM cancelled the flight organized by non-profit organization Warrior Angels Rescue that was scheduled to depart today, April 30.  For more information, contact Warrior Angels Rescue directly by emailing warriorangelsrescue@gmail.com.

Today, 142 Americans departed Peru on LATAM flight 2530 to Miami organized by private tour operator Solange Reps, bringing the total number of repatriations to approximately 8460.

Solange Reps:  Private tour operator Solange Reps is selling tickets for its charter flight from Lima to Miami on Friday, May 8.  To purchase tickets, visit https://forms.gle/8YHDzESvkUZdZG6YA or call +1 (786) 387-0000 or +51-952-396-417.  This is not a U.S. Embassy flight.

Eastern Airlines:  Eastern Airlines is selling tickets for its charter flight for Monday, May 4.  Flights are open to U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs).  Passengers may bring pets on these flights.  To purchase tickets, visit https://goeasternair.com, call +1 (855) 216-7601, or WhatsApp +52-1-800-953-1800.

We encourage all U.S. citizens in Peru to comply with the Peruvian government’s quarantine measures and to follow the instructions of Peruvian authorities.

Our team continues its dedicated effort to bring  #AmericansHome.

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