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Alert: Resumption of Limited Economic Activities
Additional Eastern Airlines Flight June 10, Peru (May 25, 2020)
May 25, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Event:  Beginning today, limited economic activities deemed essential — including dentistry, ophthalmology, rehabilitation services, and veterinary medicine — will be allowed to resume.  In addition, certain professional services such as plumbing, gardening, domestic appliance maintenance and repair, hairdressing, and cosmetology will be allowed as long as these services are provided at a residence.  People may also use private vehicles to procure food, medicine, and financial services within their districts of residence.  Only one person per vehicle is allowed. Private vehicles may now also be used to transport people with urgent medical needs, as well as to perform any of the activities included in the Supreme Decree annex upon receipt of prior authorization from the Ministry of Defense or Ministry of Interior.  For a full list of authorized services (in Spanish), see annex here: https://busquedas.elperuano.pe/normaslegales/decreto-supremo-que-establece-las-medidas-que-debe-observar-decreto-supremo-n-094-2020-pcm-1866708-1.

Eastern Airlines:  The Eastern Airlines flight from Lima to Miami (MIA) scheduled for Wednesday, May 27, is sold out.  Tickets are on sale for an additional Eastern Airlines flight from Lima to Miami (MIA) Wednesday, June 10.  These flights are open to U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs).  To purchase tickets, visit https://goeasternair.com, call +1 (855) 216-7601, or WhatsApp +52-1-800-953-1800. 

Solange Reps Travel Agency: The Solange Reps flight from Lima to Miami (MIA) scheduled for Friday, May 29, is sold out.  This is not a U.S. Embassy flight. For additional information, contact Solange Reps directly by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to +1 (786) 387-0000 or +51-952-396-417.

The U.S. Embassy is working diligently to find additional repatriation flight options for June.  We will share any new and pertinent information as soon as it becomes available.  For more information, please visit https://pe.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information.  We wish you all a safe Memorial Day!

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