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Alert: Travel within Peru’s Regions and Lawful Permanent Resident Physical Presence Requirements
Peru (April 17, 2020)
April 17, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Event: Eastern Airlines is offering three additional flights Lima to Miami pending sufficient booking interest – one flight each day on April 18 (Saturday), 20 (Monday), and 21 (Tuesday).  To purchase tickets, click on this link: https://goeasternair.com, call +1 (855) 216-7601, or WhatsApp +52-1-800-953-1800.

Private tour operator Solange Reps notified the U.S. Embassy of a possible charter flight from Lima to Miami on Sunday, April 19.  As of this Alert, our understanding is the flight is not yet confirmed.  To express interest, please click on this link to connect directly with Solange Reps: https://forms.gle/Ldgy3FxBDEsPPZXZ8.  This is not a U.S. Embassy flight, nor is it payable through a U.S. government repatriation loan.  Solange Reps will contact interested travelers directly with further details and may be reached by phone at +1 (786) 387-0000 or +51-952-396-417.

Travel within Peru’s Regions:  All U.S. citizens are urged to comply with Peru’s quarantine measures and security personnel instructions, including restrictions on long-distance travel.  All travelers are responsible for identifying safe and reliable methods to get to the designated meeting point on time.  Transit letters are issued only to individuals who have a confirmed seat on a U.S. Embassy-coordinated flight to aid in traveling to the meeting location.  The U.S. Embassy cannot facilitate private travel for individuals.  U.S. citizens outside of Lima who are interested in a repatriation flight should complete our repatriation form (https://bit.ly/3bx5ons).  A member of our team will contact you as options become available.

Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) Physical Presence Requirements: Permanent residents are free to travel outside the United States, and temporary or brief travel usually does not affect your permanent resident status.  Residents who return to the U.S. within a year are generally considered to be in status.  If you have been outside of the U.S. for more than a year (365 days), you will need to apply for a returning resident visa (SB-1) when the embassy returns to normal operations.  Click here for more information on the returning resident visa process.

Our team continues its dedicated effort to bring #AmericansHome.

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