Ambassador Brian Nichols congratulates efforts to eradicate illicit coca

The United states is proud to partner with Peru in a comprehensive, integrated counter-narcotics strategy which ranges from eradication and alternative development to interdiction and drug demand reduction.  The Peruvian Ministry of Interior eradication agency – CORAH surpassed for the third consecutive year its eradication goals, having eradicated this year 30,150 hectares of illicit coca. To recognize this achievement, on December 14, Ambassador Brian Nichols joined Vice-Minister of Interior Ruben Vargas in closing the annual eradication operations.

Ambassador Nichols congratulated Peruvian civilian eradicators whose role is key in combatting the negative impact on our societies caused by illegal drug production and trafficking, opening avenues for licit productive opportunities, and building safe and healthy lives for Peruvian and American citizens.