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Ambassador Kenna highlights the commitment of Peru and the United States in support of Democracy

"We are leaders who will not always agree on certain policies or priorities, but we do agree that our commitment to democracy unites us." – Ambassador Lisa Kenna

June 30, 2023

The Embassy reaffirms its commitment to work together with Peru to strengthen democratic principles

Ambassador Lisa Kenna participated in the commemoration of the 247th anniversary of the independence of the United States together with the President of the Council of Ministers Alberto Otárola and special guests.

During the event, Ambassador Kenna expressed her affection and gratitude to Peruvian leaders from the public and private sectors, civil society, and the international community, highlighting their commitment to democracy and their valuable role in building a prosperous nation. The Ambassador highlighted the work of “leaders in the public sector who promote national development and the communities where they work.”

Likewise, Ambassador Kenna praised the Peruvians committed to the protection of the most vulnerable, such as women who are responsible for collecting food that feed thousands, as well as the volunteers and workers of the Ronald McDonald House.

Afterwards, the Ambassador recognized the fundamental role of a free press in democracy “with courageous journalists trying to offer clarity in the midst of confusion, who work tirelessly so that we can all read the facts and not the post-truth.”

Ambassador Kenna concluded her participation by expressing her optimism about the future of the relationship between Peru and the United States and exhorted us “to listen, respect, keep our minds and hearts open, faithful to the principles of democracy and institutions.”

On this significant day, the Embassy reaffirms its commitment to work together with Peru to strengthen democratic principles and bilateral collaboration.