Ambassador Urs promoted sports, healthy life and the use of the bycicle in Tarapoto

Ambassador Krishna Urs led a bicycle tour that covered almost 90 kilometers and included locations that are successful examples of alternative development in the San Martin Region. In the following images we can see the stops and visits he made as he passed through the “Ciudad de las Palmeras” (“City of Palm Trees”).

August 9

Ambassador Urs about to extract cocoa beans at the Institute of Tropical Crops (ICT)
Ambassador Urs delivers to Brigadistas of the Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER) of Tarapoto emergency backpacks and sports shirts
Ambassador Urs visited the Orquídea chocolate factory where he learned how the chocolate manufacturing process is developed

During the afternoon of the first day of his tour, the Ambassador awarded the best artistic posters and preventive messages of the School Contest “Just say no” at the Tarapoto police station. It also inaugurated the Library of “El Cultural”, one of the Peruvian-American cultural centers that disseminates the teaching of the English language and cultural activities in partnership with the United States Embassy in Peru.

Ambassador Urs inaugurates the Abraham Lincoln Library of El Cultural de Tarapoto

August 10

A member of the delegation gives a ball to a girl from Chunchiwi
The delegation of the Embassy had the opportunity to carry out various activities with the members of the Chunchiwi community. Here they play a fun game of fulbito

August 11

Ambassador Urs inaugurates the “Alumni Outreach Roadshow” Program funded by the US Department of State that brought together scholars from the San Martín Region to offer workshops for personal and professional training
Ambassador Urs participated in the inauguration of the “Alumni Outreach Roadshow” at El Cultural de Tarapoto