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Call for Ambassadors Fund 2023
October 31, 2022


The US Embassy in Peru invites institutions in the country to submit their proposals to compete for the Ambassadors Fund for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. This year two calls are open again, one for tangible heritage and another for intangible heritage.

All the projects presented must be related to the conservation and protection of the tangible or intangible cultural heritage of Peru, prioritizing the impact of the project on the local community and the region and its importance to generate jobs, offer technical training, address some social problem and/or prepare a plan for possible natural disasters that put the cultural heritage at risk. Projects must respect gender equity in the number of participants.


The deadline to submit proposals is Monday, January 2, 2023. The US Embassy will make a pre-selection of the projects received and will request additional information only from those projects that advance to the next phase.

  1. Call for material cultural heritage

Funds available

The range of support per project is between US$10,000 and $500,000.


The Fund is aimed at projects for the conservation and restoration of movable and immovable cultural property. Projects may include:

Immovable cultural heritage:

  • Conservation of heritage sites, including historic buildings;
  • Preservation of an archaeological site;
  • Documentation of cultural sites for preservation purposes.

Movable cultural heritage:

  • Conservation of archaeological and/or ethnographic collections, as well as paintings, sculptures and manuscripts;
  • Inventory and registration of collections in museums for conservation and protection purposes;
  • Renovation of warehouses and exhibition halls for preventive conservation purposes;
  • Specialized courses for the preservation and care of collections in museums.

The Fund does not cover conservation of natural heritage, archaeological excavation work, civil construction or preliminary studies. Nor does it cover personal academic studies, purchase of heritage pieces, creation of replicas or conservation of human remains. In the case of publications, it does not cover the preservation of collections that may have copies or reproductions elsewhere; nor does it cover the preservation of press material (newspapers, magazines or radio or television programs).

  1. Call for intangible cultural heritage:

Funds available

The range of support per project is between US$10,000 and US$50,000.


The Fund is aimed at projects for the preservation, promotion and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage, made up of uses, representations, expressions, knowledge and techniques representative of the great diversity of communities in Peru.

The project may include the identification, documentation, research, preservation, protection, promotion, enhancement, transmission and registration of dances, music, arts and craft techniques, games, culinary practices, customs, knowledge and ancestral techniques, as well as native languages, traditions oral and other forms of cultural expression.

The project may include forms of sound and/or visual recording in digital and/or printed formats, as well as publications, workshops, courses and public activities. The project may include translations and/or other forms of interpretation of native languages. The dissemination of the projects can be done through social networks or traditional media such as radio, television or printed formats.

The Fund does not cover the preservation of natural heritage.


This year, all projects submitted for conservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage must support one or more of the following objectives of the US Embassy in Peru:

  • Strengthen cultural, educational, and economic ties between Peru and the United States. Strengthen the bilateral relationship in the areas of education, culture and science (eg: conservation, museography, archaeology, anthropology, technology, among others.).
  • Create alliances between Peru and the United States to promote equity and security in the country and the region.
  • Support the leadership of Peru to achieve environmental sustainability.
  • Strengthen democratic governance.

In addition, the projects could help achieve some of the following goals:

  • Prevent illicit trafficking in cultural heritage within the framework of the Agreement between Peru and the United States. More information here https://www.state.gov/peru-22-511.1
  • Prepare prevention programs for natural disasters.
  • Work on the conservation of sites inscribed on the World Heritage and/or National Heritage List.
  • Work directly with indigenous communities.

Project requirements

All proposals for tangible and intangible cultural heritage projects must specify the following:

  1. Non-profit institution, public or private, that would receive the funds, including name, telephone number, e-mail, address, name of the legal representative and NCAGE registration number. (Information to obtain the NCAGE registration can be obtained here: https://eportal.nspa.nato.int/AC135Public/CageTool/home. Registration is free, but the process can take several days, so it is suggested to start on process as soon as possible.)
  2. Project title, duration and exact location. (Projects can last from 1 to 2 years).
  3. Summary of the project specifying its objectives, activities and expected results (2 pages maximum).
  4. Specify how the project supports the objectives of the Embassy of the United States in Peru according to the priorities mentioned above. (2 paragraphs).
  5. Specify the benefits of the project and its impact on the local population (1 paragraph).
  6. Mention how the project contributes to achieving the goals and objectives of Peru in the cultural, social and/or economic field. (1 paragraph)
  7. Summary budget specified in the following five items: Travel expenses, fees, equipment purchases, contractual expenses, and purchases of materials.
  8. Summarized CV of the director and main participants of the project maintaining gender equality. (1 paragraph per person)
  9. Five digital images in JPG format that illustrate the project or videos that show the importance and urgency of the project.

Where to send the proposal

All proposals must be sent to the email LimaPDGrants@state.gov by Monday, January 2, 2023. Information can be sent in English or Spanish. The subject of the email must start with “Ambassadors Fund 2023” and include the title of the project.

Deadlines and additional information

The US Embassy will contact those responsible for the shortlisted projects in January to request additional information. The final results will be announced around August 2023 via email and through the social networks of the US Embassy. For more information, send an email to Vanessa Wagner at wagnerv@state.gov.