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Demonstration Alert: Peruvian Government Planning Evacuation from Aguas Calientes, Curfews, and Airports
U.S. Embassy Lima, Peru – December 16, 2022
December 16, 2022




The Government of Peru is organizing an evacuation of foreigners from Aguas Calientes/ Machu Picchu Village.  We will release a message with instructions as soon as the assistance plan is confirmed.  Travelers located at Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu Village should follow instructions from local authorities whether they choose to remain in place for assistance with  travel to Cusco, as well as any travelers who may choose to travel by foot.

Curfews are in place for the provinces of Virú, Andahuaylas, and Chincheros from 18:00 to 04:00; Ica, Pisco, Tayacaja, Angaraes, and Cangallo from 19:00 to 04:00; Arequipa, Cusco, La Convención, Chumbivilcas, Espinar, Carabaya, and San Román (Juliaca) from 20:00 to 04:00.  Please obey the curfews and follow instructions given by the Peruvian authorities.

The Airport in Cusco is currently scheduled to open today, December 16, at 12:00.  Travelers should not travel to the airport until they have a confirmed flight that indicates it will depart on time.  Airports in Ayacucho (AYP), Arequipa (AQP), Juliaca (near Puno) (JUL), and Andahuaylas (ANS) remain closed.  Local information indicates that the airport in Arequipa (AQP) may open for daytime flights only on either December 17 or 18; the U.S. Embassy will distribute further information as soon as it becomes available.

The Pan American Highway between Lima and Peruvian-Chilean border is open, including from Arequipa to Lima, but intermittent blockades may be placed without warning and the route may not entirely secure at this time.  Travelers on the Pan American Highway should use extreme caution, but we recommend travelers wait to use the highway until the security situation improves.

Actions to take:

For Assistance:

  • U.S. Embassy Lima, Peru
    Avenida La Encalada cdra. 17 s/n
    Santiago de Surco 15023, Lima
  • U.S. Consular Agency Cusco
    Avenida El Sol 449
  • State Department – Consular Affairs
    +1-888-407-4747 or +1-202-501-4444
  • Peru Country Information
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