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Demonstration Alert – U.S. Embassy Lima, Peru (March 17, 2021)
March 17, 2021

Location: Barranca, Santa Rosa, Aucallama, Chancay, Yangas, Tumbes, Cajamarca, Chimbote, Huaraz, La Oroya, Pampas, La Merced, Ica, Cusco, Tacna, Abancay, Ucayali


There ​are ongoing, widespread protests by cargo transport ​workers in multiple regions ​of Peru affecting ​travel on the Pan American Sur (South) and Pan American Norte (North) highways and throughout Peru.  Although the protest is directed at heavy cargo vehicles, all traffic may be slowed or stopped.  The ​Peruvian National Police have deployed ​in response.  Avoid travel in the affected areas if possible as the situation is ongoing and evolving.

Actions to Take:

  • Monitor local media for updates.
  • Avoid highways in and around affected areas.
  • Comply with instructions from the Peruvian National Police and local authorities.
  • Avoid all demonstrations, since even peaceful gatherings can quickly turn violent.
  • Be sure you know more than one way to get towards safety – the crisis event may make some roads unpassable or unsafe.

For Assistance: