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Alerta de manifestación: Demostraciones potenciales (10 de noviembre de 2022)
Embajada de los Estados Unidos en Lima, Perú
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noviembre 10, 2022


Lima, Perú


This morning Peruvian Police dispersed a small contingent of pro-Castillo demonstrators at Congress. Police authorities expect a larger pro-Castillo demonstration to begin at 15:00 at Plaza Dos de Mayo and continuing to Congress. Police expect a significant number of protestors and potential violence. As a reminder, demonstrations can be unpredictable and quickly turn violent. Demonstrations are also likely to cause traffic congestion in and around the areas where protesters gather.

Acciones a tomar:

  • Avoid ​crowds.
  • Avoid demonstrations.
  • Follow traffic police instructions.
  • Comply with instructions from the Peruvian National Police and local authorities.
  • Register in STEP ( https://step.state.gov/) to receive alerts and messaging from the U.S. Embassy in Lima.

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