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FY 2022 Notice of Funding Opportunity for NGO programs benefiting vulnerable PRM populations of concern
February 8, 2022

Funding Opportunity Number:   SFOP0008576 
Assistance Listings (CFDA) number:  19.518 – Overseas Refugee Assistance Programs for Western Hemisphere  
Announcement issuance date:  Friday, February 4, 2022 
Announcement type:  Cooperative Agreement 
Proposal submission deadline:  Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 11:59:59 p.m. (23:59:59) EST Proposals submitted after this deadline will not be considered. 
Anticipated timeframe to award for selected proposals:  Pending the availability of funds, PRM anticipates, but makes no guarantee, that awards will be made less than 6 months from the proposal submission deadline. 

ADVISORY:  All applicants must submit application packages through the website Grants.gov.  PRM strongly recommends submitting your application packages early to allow time to address any technical difficulties that may arise on the Grants.gov website.   

If you are new to PRM funding, the Grants.gov registration process can be complicated.  We urge you to refer to PRM’s General NGO Guidelines “Application Process” section for information and resources to help ensure that the application process runs smoothly.  PRM also strongly encourages organizations that have received funding from PRM in the past to read this section as a refresher.   

PRM strongly recommends application packages be submitted in Adobe PDF, as Microsoft Word documents may sometimes produce different page lengths based on software versions and configurations when transmitted.  Exceeding page length limits, including through the inclusion of cover pages, will result in disqualification.  All documents must be in English and should avoid the use of jargon and should spell out all acronyms upon first use.  

Organizations can request copies of all PRM-recommended templates and NGO guidelines, by emailing PRM’s NGO Coordinator with only the phrase PRM NGO Templates (exactly as written in bold) in the subject line, to PRMNGOCoordinator@state.gov. Organizations will receive an automated email reply containing the templates. 

COVID-19: PRM recognizes the difficult circumstances under which organizations are currently operating because of the COVID-19 pandemic and will take them into consideration in application package reviews. To the extent possible, organizations should address how COVID-19 and resulting risks, restrictions, and limitations will factor into their designated programs, and attempt to ensure that proposed indicators and activities can be implemented under the challenging circumstances created by the COVID-19 response. 

Program Description 


This announcement is designed to accompany PRM’s General NGO Guidelines, which contain additional information on PRM’s priorities and NGO funding strategy with which selected organizations must comply.  Please use both the General NGO Guidelines and this announcement to ensure that your submission is in full compliance with PRM requirements and that the proposed activities are in line with PRM’s priorities.  Submissions that do not reflect the requirements outlined in these guidelines will not be considered.   

For full Funding Opportunity Announcement, click here.