Heavy Rains Across Peru

Unseasonably heavy rains in the mountains and along the coast of Peru have caused flooding and other adverse effects from the northern city of Tumbes down to Arequipa in the south of the country.  This includes damage to medical facilities, damaged bridges, flooded roads, and mudslides, especially in the Piura region.  A bridge is washed out on the old Panamericana Sur highway just north of Chincha and Ica (headed south from Lima).  In recent weeks, there was a bus crash in the Ancash region and a hiker who fell off of the Salcantay trail in the Cusco region, both incidents connected in part to hazards from heavy rains.

Travelers should continue to monitor news outlets closely for the latest developments and consider how heavy rains – or subsequent effects, such as flooding, mudslides and related road/trail hazards – may impact your plans.  Travelers to affected areas are advised to consult with local hotels or tour organizers prior to travel and adhere closely to instructions issued by local authorities.

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