Increased Crime During the Holiday Season (November 30, 2015)

The Regional Security Office generally observes an increase in residential robberies and armed robberies during this time of year, which normally subsides toward the end of the month of January with the passing of holiday celebrations.  In consultation with the Peruvian National Police, RSO believes that Embassy personnel are NOT specifically targeted and incidents of crime are impacting Peruvians and foreigners alike

The RSO would like to remind everyone to submit a “Travel Notification” form if you will be away from your residence, activate your residential security alarm, remain vigilant, practice good personal security measures, and vary your routine as much as possible.  In light of recent robberies, be particularly mindful of suspicious vehicles or persons around you and immediately report it to COSMOS, the PNP, and/or the duty RSO.  Try to maintain a low profile when out in public and avoid large public gatherings when possible.

What to do if You Become a Victim of Crime

  1. Contact COSMOS immediately at 618-2004/2588/2935, the PNP and/or the duty RSO and report any incident in as much details as possible, particularly your location.
  2. If you are injured, request that COSMOS dispatch an ambulance and a Mobile Patrol unit to your location.
  3. If you need to speak to an American security officer, request COSMOS contact the RSO Duty Officer.
  4. File a Police report with the PNP and a Security Incident Report the following day with the RSO Office.  The duty RSO will want to speak with you directly regarding the incident.

All America Mission personnel traveling this holiday season are reminded to adhere to the Mission Travel Policy.  Finally, ensure that you have a communication plan in place in order to report any emergencies and receive information from the Embassy, if necessary.