Deputy Chief of Mission Denison “Denny” Offutt

Denison “Denny” Offutt arrived in Lima, Peru in September 2016 as the Consul General, and is currently the Deputy Chief of Mission. He is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service.

Prior to this, Mr. Offutt was the National Security Council’s Director for Canada and Mexico following an academic year at the National Defense University’s Eisenhower School. Additionally, he has served as the Consul General at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala and as the Consular Chief in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Domestically, Mr. Offutt served as a Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Management, the Coordinator for Crisis Management in the Department’s Operations Center, as well as a Foreign Affairs Office in the Office of Mexican Affairs.

Mr. Offutt’s other assignments include the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), Costa Rica, Mexico, and Colombia.

Denny is married to Martha Offutt, and they have one daughter.