Peruvian-American Bi-National Center Convention

Deputy Chief of Mission Mark Wells attended the 23rd Convention of Bi-National Centers in Tarapoto, San Martín, to meet with more than 100 leaders and representatives from Peruvian-American Institutes and Cultural Centers, to promote the strategic alliance that exists between these institutions and the U.S. Government.

The Peruvian-American Institutes and Cultural Centers, also known as Bi-National Centers, are eight autonomous entities that work in partnership with the U.S. Embassy to promote understanding and good relationships between the people of Peru and the U.S. through English instruction and cultural events and programs.  These centers reach approximately 80,000 students per month throughout all of Peru.

The convention took place in Tarapoto Aug. 31-Sep. 1, and was an opportunity to coordinate the work that the Embassy carries out with the Bi-National Centers and to maximize their value to the public.  The convention brings together staff from the U.S. Embassy, representatives of the Bi-National Centers and their 26 affiliates, educational advisors, English language teaching specialists, and subject matter experts.

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