Planned Demonstrations against corruption of ODEBRECHT Peru – February 16, 2017

The Peruvian National Police (PNP) informed RSO of the following scheduled protests and large public gatherings that may impact Mission personnel and traffic patterns in the identified areas throughout Peru.  Please exercise caution in these locations during the below listed dates and times.  Protests can last for hours after the time identified, please plan accordingly.


Protest: Against corruption of ODEBRECHT and in defense of labor rights.

Number of Protestors: 3,000 persons.

Groups: Social groups as CGTP (Union workers), “No a Keiko”, Partido Político Frente Amplio, Partido Comunista del Peru –Patria Roja, Colectivos Dignidad, la Zona 12, and others.

Route: Plaza 2 de Mayo, Av. Alfonso Ugarte, Plaza Grau, Jr. Manuel Cuadros No. 182- (sede del Poder Judicial) Plaza San Martin-Lima.

For any Embassy personnel planning to transit in and around the Lima area, as a general rule it is best to avoid protests and large gatherings.

For further information: