Protests in Peru March 5-19 (March 5, 2015)

The Embassy has received reports of several large public gatherings below that may have significant impact on safety and traffic in the areas of Peru identified. Please exercise caution and plan your travel to avoid these areas during these times. Protests can last for hours after the time identified. Please plan accordingly.

For any personnel planning to transit in and around the Lima area, as a general rule it is best to avoid large gatherings and protests.  Further general travel guidance can be found in Consular Section’s (CONS) American Citizen Services travel website for Peru, under SAFETY AND SECURITY:

Planned Protest/Event:

Date/Time Place/Group
03/05/2015, 1700 Plaza San Martin to Av. Victor Andres Belaunde No 147, San Isidro,  Lima / Social Groups and University Students (increase in minimum wage)
03/05/2015, 1830 Arco Parabolico, Centro Civico, Tacna  / No a la invasion military de EEUU
03/06/2015 Campo de Marte, Lima / Marcelo Sollazzi Bardeles Social Network (investigation of Nadine Heredia)
03/06/2015 Huancayo, Junin / Me Importa Un C@mino, KDNA 15 (PNP officers strike)
03/06/2015 Chulucanas, Piura / Union of Health Workers, (FENUTSSA)
03/08/2015 Nationwide / National Assembly of Peru, One Fist and University Students (resolve Pichanki people’s issues, other social conflicts)
03/09-10/2015 Sucre, Ayacucho / Front of Defense of Province of Sucre (FDPS, mining disputes)
03/11/2015, 1700 Plaza San Martin, Lima  / No a la invasion military de EEUU
03/12/2015 Hidroelectric- El Muyo, Aramango, Bagua, Amazonas / Front of Defense of Consumer Community- El Muyo (against Electro Oriente Company)
03/12/2015, 1700 Plaza San Martin, Lima/Lambayeque  /Omar Suriel Chacon Huaman, Yo soy de (against “tv basura”)
03/12/2015, 1800 Jesus Maria, Lima/Partido Politico “Cambia Peru” (against political party corruption)
03/13/2015, 1700 Campo de Marte to Jesus Maria, Lima /Colectivos Juveniles (TV and radio programs for minors)
03/14/2015, 1700 Plaza de Armas, Arequipa   /  Movimiento Juvenil Arequipa (against “tv basura”)
03/19/2015, 1800 Plaza San Martin – Washington Park (AMBRES), Lima /  No a la invasion military de EEUU