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Replacing a Limited-Validity Passport
February 9, 2024

You were issued a limited validity U.S. passport.  It can be used for travel and to identify you as a U.S. citizen.  You may replace it with a full validity passport, within a year of issuance at no charge.

Submit the following items before your passport expires:

  • The completed and signed DS-5504 form. Follow the instructions on page 2 of the DS-5504 form regarding “Additional Documents for Limited Passport Replacement” if applicable. This information replaces the “letter included with your passport” referred to on page 2.  
  • A new 5×5 cm U.S. passport style photo. 
  • The limited validity passport you are replacing.

To replace your limited validity passport in Peru, make an appointment here to drop off your form.

To replace your limited validity passport in the United States, send the above items to the address on the DS-5504.

Further documentation may be requested by a passport agency in the United States during the exchange process to receive a full-validity passport.

Please note that if you wait longer than one year from the issuance date of your limited-validity passport to apply for a replacement passport, you will need to pay all passport fees in effect at that time for the new passport. We strongly urge that you replace this passport as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the no-charge replacement program and to ensure that you have a full-validity passport in your possession.