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Secretary Pompeo’s Message and Repatriation Efforts Update U.S. Embassy Lima, Peru (Mar. 31, 2020)
March 31, 2020

Location: Peru (countrywide)

Event: On March 31, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo highlighted the extraordinary efforts the Department of State is making to bring U.S. Citizens home from more than 50 countries, including Peru. He also emphasized the importance for U.S. Citizens abroad to make immediate plans to return to the United States.

The U.S. Embassy is committed to repatriating all U.S. Citizens who express a desire to return to the United States. To ensure that we are aware of your interest in repatriation, if you have not already done so, please register at https://bit.ly/3bx5ons. Do not register multiple times.

Given the current COVID-19 emergency measures, be prepared to commit to a repatriation flight out of Peru on short notice. Please continue to monitor your emails and our website for additional information and flight confirmations.

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