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The Chancery
April 26, 2022

The Embassy is located in the residential area of Monterrico, in a new building that was inaugurated on the Fourth of July in 1995. The completion of this building was a landmark in the relations between Peru and the United States, at the same time representing the firmness, the permanence and the strength of friendship between the people of our two nations.

The project, conceived and designed by the Peruvian architect, Bernardo Fort-Brescia, skillfully combines the ancient motif of the Inca structure with details and elements of high technology, producing a harmonious combination of contrasts. The frontage interchanges pastel colors with bright surfaces, creating an effect reminiscent of ancient Peruvian textiles. Framed by the beautiful hills of Monterrico, the Embassy as a whole may be considered an architectural masterpiece.

The construction of the building took two years; 2 million 250 thousand man-hours of work; 20,000 m3 of concrete; and 2 thousand tons of steel and 1000 m2 of stone from Arequipa.