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The United States donates four mobile hospitals to Peru to serve 160 hospitalized patients
August 27, 2021

Today, the Ambassador of the United States, Lisa Kenna delivered to Peru a U.S. Southern Command donation of four mobile emergency hospitals, with 40 beds each, and with the capacity to attend 80 patients per day. The mobile hospitals are especially important in saving lives throughout the country, including the most remote areas, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic or in emergency situations. The ceremony was attended by President Pedro Castillo; Rafael Ribas; the Director of Exercises and Coalition Affairs of the United States Southern Command, Mr. Kevin Bostick; and the highest military commanders and representatives of the Ministries of Health and Defense.

Each mobile hospital has its own generator and electrical grid, five heaters, and four hand-washing stations. Each hospital consists of five sections that can be connected in a single structure and can also be installed separately, allowing them to be quickly moved to remote areas. In addition, the donation includes 300 ultra-freezers that allow for the transport of more than 21 million doses of vaccines, at the appropriate temperatures, for use in isolated regions of the country. Together, these donations represent seven million dollars of support from the United States towards a friendly country such as Peru.

During the handover ceremony, held at Army Headquarters, United States Ambassador Lisa Kenna stressed that the United States has been alongside Peru, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to be afterward. “The goal is, for these four modern mobile hospitals that we deliver today, to be used to their fullest capacity to save lives during this pandemic and beyond,” he said. “Thanks to their great mobility, they can also be installed to serve populations affected by natural disasters. “The United States Southern Command has provided training to personnel from the Ministry of Health, the Peruvian Army, and the National Institute of Civil Defense in the installation, use, and operation of mobile hospitals. “We will continue to support the strengthening of the Peruvian health system. Our friendship is strong and lasting. Together we will move forward with determination and optimism, ”said Ambassador Kenna.

For his part, President Pedro Castillo thanked the United States for the donation and cooperation with Peru and highlighted the strong bilateral friendship.

“The Government of the United States has donated two million Pfizer vaccines, protective equipment and supplies for health personnel, and the Armed Forces and Police, as well as more than 500 mechanical ventilators, 160 ultra-freezers, field hospitals, and oxygen equipment that have saved countless lives, ”said the Ambassador.

For more information on the United States Government’s response to COVID-19, visit: https://pe.usembassy.gov/es/embassy-es/asistencia-covid19/