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The United States provides $2 million dollars to Peru for assistance in disaster risk reduction

With this donation, we reaffirm our commitment to support Peru in reducing disaster risk and saving lives.

July 12, 2023


The United States, through the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Humanitarian Assistance office, is providing humanitarian assistance to Peru for disaster risk reduction in various departments of the country.

1) $1 million dollars in assistance to the NGO “Agencia Adventista para el Desarrollo y Recursos Asistenciales” (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) (ADRA) to help increase awareness of vulnerable communities about seismic and weather-related hazards and improve disaster risk management and emergency response capabilities of local authorities, leaders, and teachers.

It will also form local emergency brigades, equip them with uniforms and tools, train them in first aid, search and rescue, emergency operations center management, early warning systems and evacuation plans.

Additionally, to reduce the vulnerability of families living in poorly built houses, they will be provided with training on earthquake-resistant and improved construction techniques.

2) $1 million in assistance to the NGO Practical Action to strengthen resilience to climate change among vulnerable communities in the highlands of the Cajamarca, La Libertad, and Lambayeque regions.

The support program will focus on developing disaster response capabilities at the subnational, local and community levels, increasing the understanding of vulnerable populations about the risks of climate change and increasing community participation in the definition and implementation of strategies and policies regarding adaptation to climate change and disaster risk reduction.

The program will improve weather-related hazard forecasts and early warning systems, facilitate the formation of local brigades and civil defense platforms, and help smallholder farm households implement sustainable agricultural and water management practices.

3) Finally, $20,000 dollars are delivered to the National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI) to support a workshop on rapid intervention groups for Emergencies and Disasters (GIRED) in northern Peru, which will train 60 advisers in the INDECI Decentralized Directorates, so that they can advise and support the authorities of