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Travel Alert: Elmer Faucett Avenue Deviation Plan Impacting Airport Traffic – U.S. Embassy Lima, Peru
February 4, 2022

Travel Alert: U.S. Embassy Lima, Peru
Location: Lima
Event: Elmer Faucett Avenue Deviation Plan Impacting Airport Traffic

On January 30th, Elmer Faucett Avenue closed in the Northbound direction because of the relocation of water networks belonging to SEDAPAL as part of the construction of Line 2 of the Lima and Callao Metro.  The street closure is expected to last 45 days.  This construction will impact travelers who use this main avenue to get to the airport.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) developed a vehicular deviation plan authorized by the Provincial Municipality of Callao, to accommodate public and private transport vehicles going to the airport via Elmer Faucett Avenue.  The detour is via Quilca Avenue and then continues along Peru and Tomás Valle Avenues until returning to Elmer Faucett Avenue at the Ovalo Las Americas, in front of the Airport.

Please be aware that the deviation plan routes traffic through a heightened security risk neighborhood.  Although the Peruvian National Police are aware of this fact and have taken precautions to protect the route during this time, you should take additional caution while in transit to/from the airport.

The work will only be on the Northbound side of the road; the Southbound lanes, from the Jorge Chávez airport to San Miguel, will remain unchanged and with normal traffic.

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