Emergency Financial Assistance

Under certain limited circumstances, the Embassy can make emergency loans to assist destitute U.S. citizens to return to the United States. Destitution is an extreme situation in which a person has little or no visible means of support or liquid assets, and no one (family, friends, neighbors, employers, charitable groups, etc.) willing and able to provide adequate financial assistance.

A promissory note must be signed before such a loan is made, the passport will be restricted for return to the U.S, and the repatriated U.S. citizen will not be issued a new passport until the loan is repaid. Plane tickets purchased by the Embassy for direct return to the United States may be more expensive than a ticket purchased by a traveler. The Embassy strongly advises travelers to obtain funds and purchase tickets themselves whenever possible.

If you believe you qualify for an emergency repatriation loan, you may contact us at LimaACS@state.gov or call us at (01) 618-2000 in Peru.