Voluntary Departure Forms

If you were ordered removed from the United States and need to submit notification of your voluntary departure to the United States Government, you will need to make an appointment for a notarial service.

For your notarial service appointment, you should bring:

  • A photo ID.
  • Evidence of departure from the United States, which includes dates, itinerary, port of departure, and means of departure.  If you do not have this evidence you are advised to bring a Certificado de Movimiento Migratorio de Peru.
  • A photo: A passport-style color photograph, less than 30 days old and with a white background.  The image must have these dimensions: 5cm x 5cm and must be taken from the front, showing the entire face from the hair line to the chin.  Do not wear hats, earrings or lenses. Both eyes must be shown. Please write your name on the back of the photograph with pen only.  More details on photo requirements can be found here.
  • Your Voluntary Departure Form I-210 or G-146.