Victims of Crime

If you are in immediate danger, call the Peruvian National Police emergency line at 105.

The American Citizen Services section can assist you in replacing your U.S. passport.

One of the first things you should do in the event of a robbery or theft is to report the loss to the Peruvian police.  In Perú, this police report is called una denuncia.  These are common, routine requests familiar to all police.  The police report is essential to replace your Peruvian entry stamp from Peruvian Immigration, and may be needed for insurance claims that you may make.

See the State Department publication Help for American Victims of Crime Overseas.

Financial Assistance

One of the fastest ways to obtain cash is by wire transfer from a friend or relative in the United States. You or your family, friends, or associates, may wire money directly to a U.S. citizen abroad by contacting Western UnionMoneyGram, or other similar commercial money transfer services with offices overseas.  There are money transfer cost comparison tools online to help you identify your best option.  The time is only a matter of minutes in most cases.

More information about sending money to U.S. citizens overseas is available here.

Under certain limited circumstances, the Embassy can make emergency loans to assist destitute U.S. citizens to return to the United States.  Please see more detail on our Emergency Financial Assistance page.

Scams in Peru

If you have been contacted to send money to a loved one in Peru, please carefully review the links below first!  Criminals commonly attempt to scam money from travelers’ family members by posing as the traveler and claiming to be in trouble.  To learn more about this and other scams, please see the Department of State Fraud Warning and the FBI’s List of Common Scams.