U.S. Embassy returns to Lima International Book Fair

The United States Embassy in Peru participates in the 2019 Lima International Book Fair (FIL Lima) with a U.S.-library themed space that highlights the important role libraries play in their communities as a source for information and social integration.

The space offers different services provided by public libraries in the United States. One section becomes a live “communication portal” with subject matter experts in the United States through the use of virtual conferences. Some of the virtual conference guests include Stephanie Chase, director of the Public Library in Hillsboro, Oregon; Brian Pichman, from the Evolve Project; and Caitlin Johnson, director of Schuylerville Public Library in New York. The space also offers reading tables and materials, digital resources, films, lectures, board games, and virtual reality. All visitors to the Book Fair are invited to participate in the activities and use the available resources.

Four prominent American librarians invited by the U.S. Embassy will visit FIL Lima to share their experience and knowledge, and discuss new trends in the development of public libraries. The librarians invited by the U.S. Embassy include:

  • Jul. 19-20 – Skye Patrick, director of the Los Angeles County Library, named 2019 Librarian of the Year 2019. She believes in reinforcing the role of a library plays as a civic and cultural center of a community
  • Jul. 23-24 – Nancy Pearl, writer and literary critic, named 2011 Librarian of the Year. Her passion lies in sharing the pleasure of reading through various media. Nancy is the only librarian in the world who has her own “super heroine” action figure
  • Jul. 30-31 – Sue Considine, a pioneering librarian who opened the first manufacturing laboratory (FFL FabLab) in a public library and integrated participatory STEAM learning
  • Aug. 1-2 – Robin Brenner, young adult section librarian for the Brookline Public Library in Massachusetts. Robin is recognized for promoting comics and graphic novels amongst young audiences.

During each of the 17 days of FIL Lima, the U.S. Embassy’s stand will present a different theme, related to the priorities of the United States diplomatic mission in Peru, such as English language learning, cultural exchanges, entrepreneurship, education, and innovation. Programming including daily film screenings at noon, English conversation club from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., and virtual conferences with specialists from the United States starting at 4 p.m., will be published on the Embassy’s social media platforms. Other programming includes: Saturday July 20, the 50th anniversary of man landing on the Moon, and July 21 and July 27 orientations on studying in the United States. All activities will include consecutive translation. FIL Lima guests to the U.S. Embassy space can also practice their English, read, play, and learn more about the United States.

For more information on activities, visit: http://bit.ly/EmbajadaUSAenlaFIL